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ERASMUS+ Rotterdam 2017



During the summer of 2017 some of my classmates and I found ourselves in an exchange program in Rotterdam, Holland soaking in a wide variety of cultures and experiences. The participating countries included: Germany, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and The Netherlands of course. Throughout the course of the week we learned through interactive lessons and tours of the city. Our host families helped us get settled in threw hostility and friendly sense of being part of the family. The program which was always very well organized with very well thought threw activities.

My classmate and good friend Botond and myself were lucky enough to get paired with the same host, and I think we can both agree, that we couldn’t have gotten a better match! Some of the activities included: Taking tours of the city, visiting the ocean, going canoeing, and taking part at numerous cultural workshops and lessons, where each country talked about European heritage and culture, for example genetics, Byzantian influence, famous poems and woodcut. “European heritage” was the motto of the weak. We also had the opportunity to have a conversation with the Vice President of the European Commission: Frans Timmermanns. It was nice to have a chance to speak with a man of his caliber. Combining sports into the program really helped the students bond. Volleyball is a sport I think really includes all genders and people of all ages.

One of my personal favorite activities was visiting the Euromast in Rotterdam. You had a beautiful view of the whole city and could really admire its beauty for example the Erasmus Bridge. On one of the days we took a trip to a nearby city called Den Hag. There we took part at a workshop of the European committee and visited a beautiful art museum which called Mauritius House. In another wonderful city we visited, Delft, which is famous for the New Church and the “delftware”, a kind of porcelain.

On the way to den Hag in Noordwijk we visited Europe’s first permanent space exhibition as well, which was rather for younger kids in my opinion. When it was time to say goodbye on the last day of our trip, we visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. We were really lucky to get the chance to witness one of the most renowned Museum in the world and the pictures of one of the most painters in the world.  All in all, the week in our eyes was a huge success and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience abroad. 


George Jelasity


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